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pamPam Buttram, DPT
Functional Improvements

“We use it for everything… trunk, extremities, and even women’s health issues with pelvic floor. It would be hard for me to practice without it.
At least 75% of our patients use it.”


terryTerry Trundle, DPT
Sports Injury Consultant
BenchMark Physical Therapy

“Really enjoy using the Impulse device with my patients.
 I work with a lot of throwing athletes and the Impulse is a major part of my Rehab protocols.” 


markMark Albert - MED, PT, ATC, SCS
National Clinical Speaker and Author of “ Eccentric Muscle Training in Sports and Orthopedics”
 “Impulse enables the patient to work a demanding, specific session in a safe environment with the facilitating effects of muscular fatigue on a motor skill acquisition structured  in a time efficient manner…. Versatile clinical protocols can be safely applied in a time efficient manner with minimal requirements for the trainer, therapist supervision”



Dr. Darryl Kan
Orthopedics Associates

“It’s a way of training that makes so much sense. 
 We are making the signals from the brain to the muscles better.”



Dana LeDuc,   Strength Coach Retired,

St. Louis Rams

“...it’s neurological approach is the new direction in performance training”



Dr. Bob Ward, World Record Holder

Weight Pentathlon

Retired Strength Coach,

Dallas Cowboys

“The new model in performance training.”



Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, Dr Squat

"One of the most amazing concepts for sports training I've ever come across."

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chrisChris Archambeault, MS, ATC, LAT
 Kennesaw State University

 “We purchased an Impulse Training device for our Sports Medicine Rehabilitation room and it has provided
 us with phenomenal results. … all of our athletes utilize the Impulse machine during their rehab  in one fashion or another, and it provides immediate results for stability and sport specific movements.  I would highly recommend this product for any rehabilitation specialist.” 



Mitch Wasik, MS, LAT, ATC
Indiana State University

"I find the Impulse machine one of the most valuable pieces of rehab equipment in my Athletic Training clinic.
If I had to choose only 1 piece of equipment it would be an Impulse machine."