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Our Philosophy

Improvement starts from the inside

brain powerAbout Our Art

We believe the key to increasing human performance is neurologically based, and fundamentally, gravity free.  This is true in high performance athletics as well as rehabilitation, and everything in between.   Our technology focuses on this critical aspect of training motion.   We believe an environment, where acceleration and deceleration are the only criteria for training motion, will quickly address balance, posture, stance, core stabilization, and joint mobilization.  The result of this training environment is superior motor control. Superior motor control provides more efficient motion and that means power and performance.

 Impulse Logo

About Our Product

We believe quality is the key to excellence.   Provide a quality tool coupled with a quality exercise program and you’ll get a high quality physical specimen.    Our training programs were developed in partnership with some of the highest level winning athletes in modern history.  We never stop refining our programs, continually searching for better solutions to human performance.   Our products don’t break.  Our patients and athletes don’t break either.

If it moves it is because of an impulse.                That is why our logo is the symbol for an impulse.

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