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Our programs develop all of the muscles and muscle groups of the body. They provide an exercise regime where the user can experience higher levels of acceleration
by developing balance in a safe controlled environment.
This creates motion knowledge when applied to the real world that yields
powerful levels of performance.

 Use our STAR Philosophy with all Inertial Exercise workouts.
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Consists of 32 Exercises
Targets all of the Muscles of the Body
Develops Posture & Balance
Enhances athletic performance in all sports
30 ~ 40 Minute Workout

Consists of 16 Exercises
Targets all Muscle Groups of the Body
Develops Posture, Balance, & Power
Enhances athletic performance in all sports
12~20 Minute Workout

Consists of 9 Exercises
Targets all Muscle Groups of the Body
Develops Posture, Balance, & Anaerobic Endurance
10~30 Minute Selectable Workout


All forms of Impulse Inertial Exercise Training are anaerobic.
  This type of training targets fast twitch muscle (type 2a and 2b); developing significant power in motion, while simultaneously developing joint synergy in the slow twitch portion of joint stabilizers (type 1).  The results are higher levels of coordinated muscle contraction, graceful fluid motion, efficient joint stability and mobility, creating a more powerful you.    Additional benefits are better metabolism, more elastic connective tissue, and stronger bones. 

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