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The following examples are to demonstrate the versatility of Impulse Inertial Exercise Training.


This is an example of running in place with a 30 second set using the tonic technique.  The core of the body is floating in front of the feet at approximately 30 degrees.  The head is relatively stable and targeting with good back posture.  The athlete must produce sufficient force per rep to maintain the float by driving with the ground striking foot and opposite arm and alternating each foot and arm with each rep.  Peak forces per rep are in the 100 ~ 150 pound range at each hand with 5 pounds on the sled of each machine. 


This exercise could be called a bench press float.  The core and upper legs are perpendicular to the floor and the athlete must produce sufficient force with a pressing motion of the arms to lift the knees off the floor such that the shins are parallel to the floor while the core hovers.  The forces on the arms are in the 150 pound force range per arm per rep, with the forces on the ankles, quads, and abdomens being much greater.  Performed here with 5 pounds on the sled the duration of exercise is less than 15 seconds per set.  The skill in balancing arm forces to maintain the hover is considerable.


Some generalities in terms of force versus energy output to think about; With unilateral workouts one minute of tonic exercise with 10 pounds on the sled and average forces per rep at 140 pounds force at 1.6 reps per second will consume in excess of 50 kilocalories.    The same exercise in the phasic technique where average forces will be about 250 pounds force will consume 40 kilocalories. Generally this means, at the force levels mentioned in this paragraph, 30 seconds on tonic will consume at least 25 Kcals and phasic 20 Kcals.  And the 3 – 15 second drill would consume 75 Kcals in tonic and 60 Kcals in phasic.   That is a lot of energy in 45 seconds of work.  Energy levels (kilocalories) will be even higher when workouts involve these levels of energy bilaterally as with a Dual system. The cool down period from these exercises will consume 1.2 times the working kilocalories.

The high levels of energy expenditure mentioned here dictate that the athlete be well hydrated before exercise, exercise in an environment of appropriate ambient temperature (68 ~ 85 degrees Fahrenheiht ), and have an appropriate diet and nutrition regime.

The utility, in application, of Impulse Inertial Exercise Training is limited only to your imagination.  We hope the examples we have given here will help you in designing your own programs and reap the rewards of victory for your athletes.



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