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Created specifically for the development of the neuro system Impulse Inertial Exercise, teaches the body to safely accelerate functionally. It stimulates natural joint stabilization thru muscle synergy and co-activation while providing for smooth joint mobilization.  This produces confidence in your patients’ motion knowledge, allowing for quick incremental gains in ROM and functional strength gains.

CPT codes: 97110, 97112, 97116, 97530

Training with Impulse Inertial Exercise addresses the entire kinetic chain of the body, teaching the lower extremities and the core to support the motions of the upper extremities and vise versa.

Video examples of applications from ankle to wrist are presented at right.

For best results choose three planes of motion for each joint treatment with three sets of thirty repetitions each.

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 Use our STAR Philosophy with all Inertial Exercise workouts.
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