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Fitness solution

From the Creators of Inertial Exercise
the IMPULSE - High Performance Trainer

Develop and enhances your nervous system
for super quick acceleration and achieve:

More Power
Better Balance
Greater Endurance
Injury Prevention

Over 30 years of bringing elite athletes to the world of champions.

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Comes with 17.5 Pounds Weights
                                                                                  Strap Attachment, & Line Handle
                                                                                                                              CD Exercise Manual
DVD Instructional Exercise Video Programs






Quick and Simple Assembly- Just Bolt the upright to the frame (2 bolts) and you're ready to go.

Dual HPv5

Checkout our Dual




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Impulse offers an advanced neurological training exercise technology
 that caters specifically to the demands of performance enhancement.
 Exercise focuses on developing
acceleration, balance, joint mobility, and core stabilization.
   All of the crucial elements of enhanced performance are honed
 to a fine edge. Injury becomes a thing of the past
  while performance is maxed out.

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base HPv5Integrated accessory storage