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FMS - Force Measurement System


This is a powerful measurement tool capable of capturing and measuring true functional power activities in real time.


Test and record subjects’ performance


Analyze performance


Track and create progress reports


Our non-evasive method of collecting, with high accuracy, forces produced by subjects is accomplished by placing an rugged force link within the natural rope line travel of our ImpulseHP.  Data is collected for computer analysis with the use of our DATAQ instruments software. Measurement is accurate to within .1 pounds at loads of 5 to 2000 pounds (.4newtons at loads of 22 to 8,900 newtons).  It is shipped configured to measure Impulse forces and sense sled position1000Hz for a single ImpulseHP with accommodation for adding a slave system for an additional Impulse HP(as with our DualHP).  This allows simultaneous measurement of dual bilateral performance.  Sample rates are computer selectable and can go as high as 5000Hz.


The FMS is pre configured to report in Pounds Force but upon request can be computer recalibrated in Newtons with the software provided.

With adjustable multi channel measurement capabilities as high as 5000 samples per second you now have sophisticated research laboratory measurement quality in one small inexpensive package.


The FMS is modular and can be re configured for use  with EMG, goniometry, and accelerometry instruments. 


FMS Master for Single Impulse : $3,200.00

FMS Slave for Single Impulse : $2,900.00


FMS Master and Slave for Dual Impulse : $5,900.00

FMS Measurement Package require a special order with 90 day lead time

Computer not supplied and requires 1 open USB port

PC configuration – not available for MAC


Call to purchase (800)964-2363