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Duals are designed for one user to operate both machines simultaneously. Duals are extremely beneficial to any sports or activity where bi-lateral action such as hitting in rugby or football, sprinting, core rotation in swimming and all forms of upper and lower body power transitions are important.  They provides the user the experience of safely generating incredible explosive energy, which then will naturally be duplicated on the field of play.


When used as singles, they will accommodate two users while optimizing floor space efficiency.

 Inertial Exercise has a unique ability to develop the body’s neurological capabilities giving the user or athlete superior coordination. Reflex and reaction mechanisms are honed to a fine edge by targeting fast twitch muscle activation. Exercises can be custom designed to mimic the acceleration and deceleration phases of any performance activity being developed. Unchallenged in developing striking power and striking endurance


Impulse Training Systems

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Impulse Dual

High Performance Trainers

Double the Power

Train for Power with Balance and Acceleration



What are the benefits of the Dual Impulse products?


High Energy Conditioning - Better balance
and agility for every day or sports activities
Explosive Power- Everything is just easier
and you can go harder with more game endurance

Last longer and win - all the while injury free



Target Fast Twitch
Muscle Performance
















Train for Power