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Steve Davison, Owner


Steve Davison received his Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from Auburn University in 1974 and worked as an Industrial and Human Factors Engineer pioneering UPC scanning checkouts for the grocery industry until 1981.


Steve founded Engineering Marketing Associates (EMA) in 1981 and in 1982 created the gravity-free concept of exercise today known as Inertial Exercise.  Working closely with professional athletes, coaches and trainers Steve has pioneered this technology into Professional Baseball, Golf, Football, Boxing, Track and Field, and Olympic Swimming. 


He has developed programs for geriatric, pediatric, neurological, and sports related populations and demonstrated its ability to quickly maximize and re-train neuromuscular function producing higher levels of performance.


Steve is actively involved in research concerning human performance as well as training programs for athletes seeking their highest levels.  A member of the American Society of Space and Gravitational Biology since 1989, he has worked with NASA’s life science centers and is currently developing research related to exercise physiology in micro gravity (space travel).  Steve has consulted in medical product design with major medical corporations as well as contributing performance consultation to many professional athletes and athletic organizations.