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Serving the needs of others since 1984

Improving Physical and Athletic Performance

by Building

Neuromuscular Enhancement (Better Coordination)

Explosive Anaerobic Power & Endurance

Graceful Powerful Fluid Motion

Quickness, Agility and Speed

Muscle Hypertrophy


We began business in the summer of 1984, just two years after Steve Davison, founder, first created and experimented with Impulse Inertial Exercise.


Impulse Training machines were created to embody this new technology.  Inertial Exercise is unique among all forms of exercise.   Independent of gravity and elastic components, our products train the neuro system to efficiently control acceleration and deceleration from the core out.   The result is better balance, coordination, explosive power, endurance and confidence.   With no weights to fall or elastic components to break, Impulse Trainers are 100% safe while allowing the user to produce forces unattainable with any other form of exercise. 


Our first market was the physical therapy industry. Inertial Exercise was quickly recognized for its neuromuscular training superiority. We then expanded to athletic training for rehab and injury prevention.   Soon we were known as an incredible power performance development tool fulfilling the needs of athletic greats in their gyms, training centers and homes.


Now, twenty-seven years later, we are a one stop product for power performance, general conditioning, and therapy.   Performance on the field, and research in the lab, confirm that Impulse Inertial Exercise produces graceful yet explosive championship results with any sport.  Because it produces high energy output it creates large caloric demands.  Yet, as a therapy tool, it provides quicker results in motion and pain management than any other device whether treating acute or general disabilities.


We hope you came to our web site because you were looking for ways to exceed your present performance.   With Inertial Exercise you will experience a work out unlike anything your have done before.  What ever your sport or activity you’ll feel the difference immediately.